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Company: ASML 

Role: User experience designer intern 

Timeline: May 2023 ~ Aug 2023

ASML is a Netherland-based semiconductor company specializing in developing lithography machines that are key to producing faster, cheaper, more energy-efficient microchips. They design, develop, integrate, market, and service these advanced machines, which enable their customers - the world’s leading chipmakers, such as Intel, Samsung, and TSMC - to reduce the size and increase the functionality of their microchips, which in turn leads to smaller, more powerful consumer electronics. 

As a user experience designer intern, my role involves designing the user experience for ASML’s computational lithography platforms and working closely with an international, multi-disciplinary team to create highly usable products. This role requires me to quickly grasp and distill highly complex matters into clean, understandable designs. I am also a part of the visionary voice of the customer experience who transforms business opportunities and marketing requirements into user-friendly application interface designs. These designs will be the PRD(Product Requirements Document)/FRD(Functional Requirements Document) for GUI(Graphic User Interface) developers.

Work Details

  • Derived and defined user requirements for release tickets from E23.06 to E23.10 to ensure alignment with product goals and objectives.

  • Fostered effective communication between cross-functional teams to gather insights and expectations for feature integration.

  • Developed high-level and detailed user flow diagrams, wireframes,  mockups, and prototypes, facilitating clear communication of interaction and functional designs with stakeholders.

  • Orchestrated and participated in meetings with diverse team developers across different time zones to align design implementation accurately with technical requirements to reduce function sign-off time frame in less than a week for the E23.10 release.

  • Promoted a collaborative environment, fostering open communication and ensuring a shared understanding of design goals among team members to reduce misalignments.

  • Documented user guides and release notes using Confluence and Jira, providing comprehensive and accessible resource references for developers and end-users.

  • Provide usability test results and other user research insights on design-related documentation, contributing to continuous improvement and clarity in project documentation.

For more information regarding my job's details, Please feel free to schedule and reach out using the contact information in my resume. Thank you!

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