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Kelp University

Kelp University is a speculative brand design project that collaborated with the Climate Designer Organization to promote the environmental sustainability concept with kelps.

Concept DEMO Video

Project Description

Kelp University, in collaboration with the Climate Designers Organization, stands as a pioneering initiative in sustainable design. Dedicated to unlocking the vast potential of kelp as a versatile and eco-friendly plant, our mission revolves around harnessing its limitless capabilities.

Through specialized majors like Kelp Food, Kelp Bio-Fuel, Kelp Feed, Kelp Fashion, Kelp Pharmaceutical, and Kelp Fertilizer, Kelp University provides individuals with unique opportunities to delve into and contribute to the expanding kelp industry. Our overarching goal is to make significant environmental contributions while simultaneously offering avenues for employment and career transitions.

The university ensures an engaging experience through a thoughtfully designed school website, a vibrant social media presence, and visually appealing event posters. In a culminating video presentation, we showcase the academic and professional journey of our students, emphasizing their enduring impact on the kelp industry for up to two decades post-graduation. Join us on this transformative journey as we collectively strive to build a thriving kelp industry and pave the way for a sustainable future.

Project Duration

March 2023 ~ May 2023

6 weeks

Project Type

Brand Design


UX Researcher

UX Designer


Weidi(VICK) Qi

Jiaqi Li

Define & Refine

To initiate our project at Kelp University, our first step involved brainstorming the institution's proposed societal contributions and potential solutions to current environmental problems. We compiled a list of categories, including critical aspects such as mission and vision, solutions to environmental challenges, and identification of key stakeholders. Defining these elements will guide our subsequent research direction as we create ideated personas and storyboards to visualize the concept.



To obtain more realistic feedback during the ideation phase of Kelp University, we have decided to conduct interviews with key stakeholders in real life. These stakeholders are individuals who are likely interested in the concept of Kelp University. By gathering their feedback, we aim to gain valuable insights and references for our research.

Interviewees: Potential keystakeholder in real life


Interview Summary:

Ideate Personas: Students at Kelp University

Following the brainstorming and interview session to define Kelp University, we distilled the various aspects and characteristics into ideated personas representing the students and professors of Kelp University. This process aimed to clarify their specific needs and expectations from the institution. Utilizing these personas as a foundation, we are now poised to develop storyboards and journey maps, delving into more details and exploration to better understand the unique experiences and perspectives of Kelp University's stakeholders.


Storyboard & Journey Map

To visualize the functioning process of Kelp University, we have developed a storyboard and journey map that illustrates a student's academic progress during her study at the university, so the audience would have a clearer image of Kelp University.

Elisa is a college student at Kelp University. She is in food college, majoring in Kelp food snacks. Her career plan is to enter a Kelp snack company, so she is entering Kelp University for further education.


In the process of conceptualizing design elements and themes for Kelp University, we have compiled a mood board consisting of various images related to the university's concept. This mood board serves as a foundational reference point that can aid in defining the style guide and theme for the subsequent visual design phase.

kelp moodboard 2.png

Style Guide

To establish a cohesive visual identity for Kelp University, we are in the process of creating a style guide. This guide will set standards for color choices and visual forms, ensuring consistency and a distinct aesthetic for the overall branding and representation of Kelp University.


Visual Design: Social Media Content

In preparation for the final demo video creation, we have ideated visualizations for Kelp University's social media resources. These visualizations will be incorporated into the video to showcase the university's online presence and engagement across various platforms.

921e2979-f096-490a-b9e6-5d5be040298a (1).png

Visual Design: Low Fidelity Website

For the university's website, we created low-fidelity wireframes for the layout of the Kelp University web page, which could be utilized in the final video content.

High Fidelity Mock-up

A high-fidelity mock-up of the Kelp University homepage. This detailed representation showcases the visual elements and user interface design of the website, providing a comprehensive and realistic overview of the homepage for presentation purposes.




Since the launch of Kelp University, an increasing number of students and individuals from the community have actively engaged in the programs provided by the university. This surge in participation has led to a notable reduction in carbon emissions. Furthermore, the emergence of more environmentally friendly job positions has created a positive feedback loop, contributing to ongoing efforts in environmental protection.

What I learned

The journey from conceptualization and research to the actual visualization and demonstration of a brand design has been a valuable process. It not only allowed me to bring an imaginative concept to life but also enhanced my understanding of various visual design aspects. This experience has provided insights into the comprehensive process of transforming ideas into tangible, visually compelling representations for effective brand communication.

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