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Maximizing Human-centered Experience Design;


I am Weidi Qi (aka VICK), a UI and UX designer who refines and creates human-centered products to make a difference.


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Mindful Serenity Pod

Experience Design / Art Installation 

MFA-Design Thesis to achieve a tranquil escape from a stressful modern environment, transporting guests into a realm of calmness with ambient light and isolated space.



UX Designer Intern

Designing user experience for ASML's computational lithography platform for user-friendly interface during the product development period from E23.06 to E23.10.

05/2023 ~ 08/2023

Myway roadtrip generator.png

MyWay Road Trip Generator 

UI & UX Design

A road trip generating platform helps road tippers build their unique trip plan based on their personal preference.



UI & UX Design

A speculative service design aimed at enhancing the sanitation quality of San Francisco streets by incorporating AI and Robots.

11/2023 ~ 12/2023

Slide 16_9 - 70.png

Kelp University

Brand & UX Design

A collaborative brand design project with Climate Designers Bay Area in the forming of a carbon-reducing educational program centered around Kelp.

03/2023 ~ 05/2023


UX Designer Intern

Work with the design team of SuperWorks to provide design services for various business owners and organizations in the bay area,

04/2022 ~ 05/2023


GoSnack Snack Ordering App

UI & UX Design

A personal practice project to design an app for people conveniently ordering snacks from their favorite local movie theaters.


Copy of QI&TIAN_Project3ComplexPresentationRevision (1).png

Food Court Service Platform

Complex System Design with UI & UX

An online consulting platform designed for local small restaurants to stand against the pandemic.


Copy of VICIK_10_4_2020_SFUSD PROJECT FI

SFUSD Adavanced Research

Design Research

An advanced design research project that improves students' study quality during the lockdown


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